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Humanistic Parenting

The Humanist approach to parenting is a compassionate and respectful approach to raising children. It is the application of Humanist values and principles to the job of parenting.

The starting point of this approach to parenting is to respect your child for the individual they are. We treat young people the same way we treat all other humans: compassionately, ethically and responsibly.

A Humanist views their job as a parent as that of a teacher. We recognize that our children are autonomous individuals. Our job is not to dictate their behavior, but rather to teach them to make good decisions for themselves and we teach them the life skills they need to be successful in the world. After all, you aren't going to be there with them when they are deciding whether to do drugs or have sex. They need to be prepared to make those decisions for themselves.

A Humanist parent strives to raise a child who is chooses to do the right thing because they understand their actions have consequences and they want to make good decisions that will benefit themselves and those around them?

The time to teach your kid the skills they need to succeed in life is now!

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