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Jennifer Hancock

Helping to Raise the Next Generation of

Ethical, Compassionate and Responsible Adults


The time to teach your kid the skills they need to succeed in life is now!

Jen helps parents focus on the real purpose of parenting: which is to teach our kids the skills they need to succeed in life. Whether the topic is bullying, choosing friends, being financial responsible, or simply why not to cheat, she makes difficult topics seem easy. Her advice is so practical it will leave you thinking, “Why didn’t I think of that?”  

As a Humanist parent herself, Jen practices what she preaches. Her parenting philosophy is to treat her son with compassion and respect. She actively models responsibility, compassion for others and ethical behavior. However, she has been known to subject her son to the Socratic Method, which she calls mental jujitsu, in an effort to help him learn how to choose his actions wisely. People who meet her son are always impressed with how confidently he carries himself.

Why Humanism?

Humanism is a highly effective approach to human development. In fact it is the most humane and holistic approach to ethical philosophy humanity has ever devised.

Who is Jennifer Hancock?

Jennifer is considered one of the top writers and speakers in the Humanist world today. Focusing on critical thinking, personal ethics and personal responsibility, Jennifer’s “dynamic” and “captivating”   presentations will leave you “a good deal better informed and always inspired.”

Jennifer conducts a variety of Humanistic parenting workshops throughout the year as well as offering books and programs to help you grow as a person so that you can help your child become the best most ethical person they can be.

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Booking Jen to Speak

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What is Humanistic Parenting?

The Humanist approach to parenting is a compassionate and respectful approach to raising children. It is the application of Humanist values and principles to the job of parenting.

The starting point of this approach to parenting is to respect your child for the individual they are. We treat young people the same way we treat all other humans: compassionately, ethically and responsibly.

A Humanist views their job as a parent as that of a teacher. We recognize that our children are autonomous individuals. Our job is not to dictate their behavior, but rather to teach them to make good decisions for themselves and we teach them the life skills they need to be successful in the world.

Think about it. Which would you rather have, a child who obeys out of fear. Or a child who chooses to do the right thing because they understand their actions have consequences and they want to make good decisions that will benefit themselves and those around them?

The time to teach your kid the skills they need to succeed in life is now!

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